Four.Zero House // Platform

Four.Zero House conceptualises a different approach to residential development utilising multidisciplinary thinking and novel synthesis.


The broad aim is to hit as many high level objectives as possible and synthesise them in to a unified concept that might (in theory) work. The objectives incorporated include:

  • Zero energy housing
  • Low carbon housing
  • Water sensitive design
  • Housing diversity
  • Urban densification
  • Urban green cover

Each of these topics are dense in their meanings and implications, but what if a few key tenets from each were carried forward and assembled in to a new form?

This approach cuts to the real question, can we create a better more comprehensive solution?


To resolve this question, Four.Zero house plays with the processes and platform that underpins the modern residential home by looking at how they might be integrated and leveraged together generate a comprehensive outcome.


You can follow this novel synthesis via the diagrammatics below:Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 1Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 2Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 3Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 4Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 5Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 6Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 7Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 8Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 9Diagrammatics - Platform (initial synthesis) 10

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