In early 2020 I made the decision to forge ahead with a Tiny House design + build for myself setting in motion a voyage of discovery, destination unknown.

One of the first potential tiny house options I came across was the converted Pantech. With the help of some local Tiny Houser’s who knew there way around Pantech conversions I began developing a concept design while researching the option in terms of it’s performance, costs, and regulatory requirements.

The initial concept envisaged a 45ft Pantech converted to a multi-compartment tiny home including – an open living area that included a kitchen and bedroom, a private bathroom, and a dedicated workshop at the rear. External decking with modular de-mountable shading would be added, while a solar PV system and concealed bladder tank would round out the off grid setup.

As an option a Pantech conversion offers some overwhelmingly positive characteristics, given its out of the box performance and maximum floor area it is practically unbeatable in terms of affordability and buildability.

In the end regulatory restrictions dissuaded me from proceeding any further, the addition of any element that projects beyond the Pantech envelope would eliminate the possibility of registration as a caravan – triggering a raft of costly and time consuming requirements pushing it beyond my project scope.


A research summary can be downloaded here:

> Pantech semi trailer tiny house conversions – research summary


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