Project: Community club room(s)

Site: Bowden development, South Australia

Foci: Context, community, technology, sustainability

Description: The following design is set in the year 2033 in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution which is expected to see a merging of the physical, digital and biological spheres. Heavily inspired by the original Bauhaus movement and the concept of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ or the ‘total work of art’, the community clubrooms provide flexible and adaptable spaces enhanced by wearable augmented reality technology, allowing them to come to life and cater to a broad range of community interests within a single environment.
Conforming with existing development guidelines for the Bowden precinct, the design generates spaces within space which adapt to each community group through an interplay between the analog (physical) and digital (augmented). Via the same mechanisms the buildings external envelope also acts a canvas for peronalised or community led digital enhancement.
Additionally the building has been designed to include renewable energy, rain water harvesting and vertical farming capabilities.
Intended to be a purely hand drawn analog studio, the brief was challenged with the addition of digitally printed transparent overlays to assist in communicating the overall concept.


>> High resolution graphics & plans can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the gallery below.



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