Project: Startup Hub

Site: Chania Harbor, Crete, Greece

Foci: Context, medium scale design, heritage, public & private

Description: Based on a lead-in group project that generated the initial program and architectural forms, the proposal represents a remix of the original design. A selection of original forms delivered out of the group project including the pontoon, kiosk, exhibition, and ambition spaces have been adapted in to the new design, while the remaining program has been retained and reinterpreted within a new harmonised framework.

The site is divided in to two distinct precincts demarcated by a sandy beach located at the centre. The first precinct offers a compact startup hub tightly organised in an alignment that connects Chania City with the European continent. The second, a publicly accessible hot spot, offers social, recreational and creative program for both tourists and the local community. The two precincts are harmonised through materials, architectural forms and their respective embedded heritage elements; the stone fort, pier, accumulation walls, and the seawall which provides a datum reference carried through the entire site.


>> High resolution graphics & plans can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the gallery below.


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