Studio 5 – Immersion [A]

Project: Mighty Kingdom game studio headquarters

Site: Kent Town, Adelaide, South Australia

Foci: Workplace design, work & play, narratives, well-being, sustainability

Description: As a video game company dedicated to creating engaging experiences, the design of the Mighty Kingdom headquarters offers an engaging environment that blends together work and play through the connection of space, form, nature and technology. Providing further engagement and inspiration, architectural narratives that speak to mythological archetypes and story telling are also embedded across the site.

The architectural form engages with a literal representation of the Mighty Kingdom brand while adapting to a contemporary context. For example, water collected from the roof circulates in moat like channels around the outside of the internal structure on its way to rain water storage, while a combination of cinder block and heavy timber construction connects with the local material palette.

Inspired by Cal Newport’s Eudaimonia Machine, the organisation of the program, combined with constant connections to nature and mythos narratives aim to enhance the well-being of the occupants and help them flourish as creative individuals.


>> High resolution graphics & plans can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the gallery below.



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