Project: Sub-urban palimpsest

Site: Plympton, Adelaide, South Australia

Foci: Research, analysis, communication, representation

Description: The culmination of a major group collaboration (24 students), the palimpsest represents a highly detailed & granular research and analysis of an existing suburban residential area within Plympton.

Students were divided in to groups of 2-3 with each group tackling a separate theme in coordination with each other. All themes were then compiled at the end of the process in the form of a report, an augmented suburban model and a presentation. Themes explored included; front yards, backyards, side liminal edges, parking, landscaping, safety, building typologies, age-based program, real-estate and demographics.

Teamed up with Max Luan, our group researched and analysed our areas demographic spread over time and in relation to the wider Adelaide metro context. We also assisted the wider team by designing and constructing the projection system, and by coordinating and compiling the augmented presentation.


>> Download a copy of the final report here

>> High resolution photos can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the gallery below.


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