Project: Synthesis

Site: Plympton, Adelaide, South Australia

Foci: Synthesis, urban design, missing middle, affordability, community, sustainability

Description: Building on the initial research conducted in Studio 6 – Palimpsest, as well as the final project brief, Synthesis develops a response to a range of suburban conditions and challenges while drawing from the full gamut of studies I have undertaken so far.

The project brief called for the redesign of 3 selected 6-pack walk-ups, the demolition of 2  medium sized apartment buildings, the addition of new social & community program, plus the addition of new residential mix with the overall requirement of increasing housing density from the initial 38.5 dwellings per hectare, and the breaking of a single common planning rule. For this project I decided to increase density to 50 d/Ha and reduce 6 metre rear set backs to 3 metres.

The following response broadly seeks to increase social, environmental and economic outcomes for the area while providing a vibrant and accessible urban design. By dividing the site in to compact character precincts, a diverse range of opportunities are provided and then harmonised across the site. One key feature of the proposal is the relationship between individual households their immediate urban setting – tailoring space in to place.


>> Download the final poster presentation here

>> High resolution graphics & plans can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the gallery below.


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